Music for all Ages

Music for all Ages

Music for all AgesMusic for all AgesMusic for all Ages

Membership Information

Founded in January 2006, Catalinas Community Chorus is an all-volunteer, non-sectarian, community-based organization that performs a variety of musical styles including Broadway, pop, spiritual and classical. 


Rehearsals are held every Monday evening September through April from 6:45 p.m. to 8:45 p.m. at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church located at 7575 N. Paseo del Norte, Tucson. There are also some Saturday AM rehearsal as deemed necessary by the Artistic Director. 


Annual membership dues are $100, nonrefundable. Dues payment deadline is September 30 for fall dues payers and January 31 for spring dues payers. New members dues are payable in full after attending four rehearsals. Dues may be paid by check or cash to the chorus Treasurer or online below ($3.00 processing charge will be added). Questions regarding payments or due dates should be directed to the Treasurer.


Copies of music are distributed to members at rehearsals and are the property of members for use while preparing for concerts. All new members are given a black music folder. Concert folders are issued to each member to be used for concerts only and remain property of CCC.  Concert folder replacement cost is $25.

Performance Attire

 The performance attire for men is: 

  • black pants, jewel-toned shirt (purchased from the chorus), and black shoes. OR
  • black pants, blue CCC shirts (loaned to members from CCC), and black shoes.

The performance attire for women is: 

  • black pants/slacks, jewel-toned shirt (purchased from the chorus), black stockings, black close-toed shoes (exceptions made as needed).  OR
  • black pants/slacks, blue CCC shirts (loaned to members from CCC), black close-toed shoes, black stockings (exceptions made as needed). 

Blue shirt replacement cost is $30.

No perfumes, colognes, after shave, heavy scented hair spray or garlic - rehearsals and concerts.

Member Expectations

Catalinas Community Chorus is a volunteer group. Anyone (of high school age and beyond) who enjoys singing a variety of musical styles is invited to join without audition. Singers are expected to take membership seriously, attending all rehearsals and performances. In the case of an absence, singers are asked to notify the Artistic Director, (520-465-5479). The Artistic Director will determine if a member with multiple absences may participate in a concert. 

Singers are also expected to support the chorus, including distributing concert flyers, soliciting Playbill ads from local businesses, and suggesting possible community partnerships in order to fulfill the mission of the chorus. Singers are expected to sell or purchase four tickets for each concert each season.


The CCC is governed by a board of directors (plus the Artistic Director) whose members are elected to three year terms at the Annual Meeting of the chorus. The Board meets monthly. An Annual Meeting of members of the chorus is held once a year during a scheduled rehearsal. Special meetings of the membership may be called if deemed necessary. The CCC is a not-for-profit 501 (c) 3 organization. 

For information about joining Catalinas Community Chorus please send an email to: 

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